Plitto Mission Statement – Connecting People

People want to be connected.

Becoming connected is not easy.

In childhood, growing up with people, and learning things at the same time builds strong connections.

Into adulthood, building and nurturing friendships gets harder.

Social media that presents a never ending feed of content that you barely care about doesn’t help people connect.

At best, it replaces “So what have you been up to lately” with “How was your trip to Oklahoma? It looked fun”.

At worst, it lets you hate people because of what they’re posting.

Regardless, it’s a chore to monitor all these posts that are constantly passing you by.

Maybe you care about 5% of them, and the best case is so you can have something to talk with someone about next time you see them.

That’s 95% waste and also means that we’re all artificially busy looking for nuggets of importance with people we aren’t around, rather than enjoying what we have.


We build machines to help us avoid monotony.

We are all many things.

We love what we love.

We have experienced what we have experienced.

We think what we think.

We are experts at certain things, and hopefully we get paid for those things.

We have esoteric hobbies that we don’t talk about at work because it’s “weird”.

Some of this makes it into the social media feeds that we publish, but most of it doesn’t.

That’s because it doesn’t fit into a feed, and so none of your “friends” or “followers” can possibly know about it to share with you.

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Connecting with others who enjoy the same things that we do is fun

There needs to be something that will help you connect with people more like you did with your best friends in high school.

People who you can be yourself around. People who you can be “weird” with.

Society is looking for ways that we are the same.

“Being Social” means listening to people and being patient while you listen to things you don’t necessarily care about.

It’s a way to show people what we want to get along, and be part of the same thing while we cooperate.

If we find ways to connect that we feel fulfilled by, that’s a bonus, and a luxury that many people don’t.

We have to struggle to put our egos aside and listen to people talk about their jobs, desires, purchases, and stories from their other relationships.

Listening is a chore, but one that is rewarded with friendship. Our friendships are often how we take turns listening.

Who We Are

At first glance, anyone is a mess that it takes time and energy to get to know. The more you get to know them, the messier they become.

What could make this better is by highlighting the things we have in common, and letting us all enjoy our conversations more. It’s the little things that matter the most.

Those little things can add up to be fulfilling relationships.

Your best friends and you have a common history.

Fast friends are people who you are able to build that history up with quickly.

word cloud after

Some of those things matter to some people, and what to ignore about people is as important as the things to focus on.

A big part of that is the ability to find things in common so your relationship can be focused.


Imagine what would happen if all of these micro-connections came to you rather than you needing to work to discover them.

Imagine that you could skip small talk and go right into conversations that matter, are fun, and rewarding.

word cloud final

The connections are really the important things.

We have. And that is why we are building Plitto.

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